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Adult Immunization Advocacy Summits


Increasing the uptake rate of adult vaccinations globally requires a multilevel, multi sectorial and multi-disciplinary approach.  Through the Adult Immunization Advocacy Summits the IFA is bringing together leading scientists in the field of infectious diseases and adult vaccinations, NGOs, industry leaders and government officials to work together to understand country specific barriers, how to best to respond to these barriers and building a coalition of stakeholders to collaborate and toward common goals.

These Summits will add to but not complete the network of essential experts, expertise and critical mass required to develop and execute a strategic advocacy plan that is nationally based yet influential at the highest level of decision making.

View the current World Coalition Adult Vaccination members here and for further information about the World Coalition or if you are interested in joining please email Ms. Izabella Kaczmarek at

 9 – 10 April 2016 – Latin American Adult Immunization Advocacy Summit



The IFA in collaboration with the National Institute of Geriatrics and the National Institute of Public Health convened the Latin American Adult Immunization Advocacy Summit in Mexico City from the 9th – 10th April 2016 to develop initiatives to promote vaccination of older adults within a life course approach.

The Latin American Summit brought together 40 key stakeholders and opinion leaders from countries including Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Cuba, Colombia and Brazil to work together to help produce adult vaccination knowledge that translates into actions and policies in public health, ageing and vaccines ensuring healthy ageing for all. Read more…

9 – 11 November 2015 – Adult Immunization Advocacy Champions Summit


In the spirit of being a strong and unified voice, the Adult Immunization Advocacy Champion Summit was convened by the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) in collaboration with the Confederation of Meningitis Organizations (CoMO) and Hacettepe University in Brussels, from the 9th – 11th November 2015.

The Summit comprised of experts and dedicated professionals who want to work together to make a significant contribution toward improving lives through advocacy and/or public health initiatives in the field of adult vaccinations.

The Summit concluded with a broad agreement to come together under the umbrella of the World Coalition on Adult Vaccination to improve the rates of adult vaccination globally. Read more…

4 – 6 November 2015 – Adult Immunization Advocacy NGO Summit


The Adult Immunization Advocacy NGO Summit is an invited only Summit of civil society in the topic of “improving the uptake of adult vaccinations within the healthy ageing policy agenda in Europe.” The primary goal of the Summit is to better understand the value of a civil society coalition that works in tandem with scientists to promote a life course approach to vaccinations as a means to inform healthy ageing policy at a national and regional level. Read more…

25 – 27 June 2015 – Adult Immunization Advocacy Summit – Scientist Perspective


The first Adult Immunization Advocacy Summit was convened in Rome, Italy comprising of scientific experts from key European organizations associated with diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. Presentations and focused discussions highlighted the current data on vaccine preventable disease and vaccinations important for older adults as well as barriers and proposed strategies in improving the uptake of adult vaccinations. Read more…

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