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Dr. José Ricardo Jáuregui


Dr. Jauregui's current goals are to develop research for geriatrics and gerontology in areas including ​​Sarcopenia and nutrition.

Languages : Spanish


Dr. Jauregui is a specialist in the field of geriatrics, primary care and internal medicine and President of Latin American & Caribbean Regional Committee of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG).Staff Geriatrician in Geriatric Brand, Internal Medicine Department, at Hospital Italiano of Buenos Aires. Professor at UNLaM (La Matanza University), UBA (Buenos Aires University), and Hospital Italiano School of Medicine, Argentina). Medical Director of the Hospital Italiano de San Justo 2001 to April 2012, Buenos Aires, Argentina. FICYRS Foundation Member.Director of the Research Unit of Biology of Ageing . Experience in development assistance programs, education and research in health among older adults. Experience in distance education and continuing medical education programs.His current goals are to develop research in geriatrics and gerontology in the area of ​​Sarcopenia and nutrition, geriatric clinic and ​​population epidemiology. Developer of academic and research products of high social impact. List all organizations working in the region in old age. Advise the different areas that work or are interested in issues related to older adults. Member of the Foundation FICYRS for knowledge development, graduate of Alamo Learning Systems, Management Development Programs, Overseas in 2002 as Client-Program Instructor.


Individualization of drug therapy in older people
Reviews in Clinical Gerontology

2014Older people are high consumers of prescription drugs and are at increasing risk of polypharmacy and adverse reactions. Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modifications due to age and co-morbidities are an important consideration, but pharmacological background evidence to guide safe and effective therapeutic approaches are often inadequate since the older population is under-represented in clinical trials.

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Geriatric care and gerontological research in Argentina
Reviews in Clinical Gerontology

2011Argentina does not yet have a formal nationwide health programme for older people, so there are huge differences in the quality and entitlement of health care for senior citizens. Academic infrastructure is also underdeveloped and this situation slows the advance of geriatrics.

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Area of Expertise

Ageing Research

Geriatrics and Gerontology

Preventative Medicine



Fundación Ingeniería de Conocimiento y Responsabilidad Social (FICYRS): Founding Member

Abbott Nutrition: Instructor


Health and Wellness



Universidad de Salamanca :

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