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The IFA has a long established and wide-ranging network of member organizations around the world. The network extends to over 75 countries covering every region. Together these organizations represent over 80 million older people. IFA – Driving the Agenda of the World’s Ageing Populations. Together we can be the voice and international advocates for older people across the globe.  We bring together global experts and expertise to influence and shape age-related policy to improve the lives of our constituency, and to better all of society.

Current Members

The IFA has a membership base of NGOs, the corporate sector, academia, government, and individuals. There are three tiers of Membership: Patron Member, Full Member and Associate Member with a fee structure based on annual revenues and country location (developed country and developing country).

Join IFA

By joining our global network you, together with the IFA, can influence and promote positive change for older people globally. Join with the IFA to be a global influencer….

  • Connection – linking together NGOs, academia, policy makers, and the private sector
  • Information sharing and exchange – facilitating knowledge exchange through our networks
  • Research and advocacy – collaborating in research and providing a repository of information
  • Policy knowledge – around areas with global implications: age discrimination, engaging seniors, financial protection, and age-friendly communities

Membership Renewal

IFA Membership 2019 Form (New)Membership renewals fall due on the anniversary date of your membership to the IFA. Invoices are sent to members in the financial years quarter of the due date. Payments can be made by sending a SIMPLE CHEQUE if you live in Canada or United States ($USD or $CAD accepted), via a bank transfer or you can pay online with a Visa or MasterCard. You can also download and complete the payment form and email it to






The activities of the International Federation on Ageing (IFA) are supported through a network of partners consisting of IFA members, network partners, sponsors and general interest groups. Such supporters make it possible for the IFA to generate positive change for older people throughout the world by stimulating, collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information on rights, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life of people as they age.

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