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The Worldwide Face of Elder Abuse Study

The WorldView Environmental Scan on Elder Abuse was the first large-scale global survey of elder abuse and obtained more information from more respondents representing more countries than any previous study. It built on early work that resulted in the document Missing Voices. Respondents came from developed and developing countries and all regions of the world, yet another research first.

Following the initial Worldview Environmental Scan, it is now time to conduct a second international study, “The Worldwide Face of Elder Abuse”. The purpose of this new inquiry is to build on the original Worldview Environmental Scan (Podnieks, Anetzberger, Wilson, Teaster, & Wangmo, 2010). In so doing, we seek to further our knowledge of elder abuse and understand how and why people mistreat elders on a global scale.

Ryerson University (Elizabeth Podnieks, Ph.D.), Cleveland State University (Georgia Anetzberger, Ph.D.), the University of Kentucky (Pamela Teaster, Ph.D.) and the International Federation on Aging are collaborating on this project. Click here for more information.

If your organization is interested in contributing to the study please contact IFA at to register your interest.

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