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A New View into Pneumonia Among Older Adults

Ipsos on behalf of Pfizer, 2016 

PneuVUE Study Report - IMAGEA New View into Pneumonia Among Older Adults report is based on the findings from one of the largest pneumonia awareness surveys carried out by Ipsos on behalf of Pfizer- PneuVUE, Adult Pneumonia Vaccine Understanding in Europe – involving over 9,000 adults aged 50 years and older in nine European Union Countries.  The aim of the research was to examine what people know about pneumonia, as well as their own risk, and how this ultimately impacts they attitudes towards taking preventative measures.

The survey highlighted that although people are aware of pneumonia, many have a poor understanding of how to effectively prevent it and generally do not feel concerned about catching the disease.  It is clear from the survey that family doctors and other allied healthcare professionals have an important part to play in supporting adults to protect themselves against pneumonia.  There is however, a role for adults to address pneumonia as part of a healthy approach to ageing.

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