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A new WHO report says diabetes is on the rise. With over 400 million cases globally, what will this mean for our aging population?

April 07, 2016  · 1 min read

Dr. Jane Barratt, Secretary General of the IFA, is an expert on this topic and is available for media inquiries today. To connect with her or experts in other topics visit


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    Prof. Ross Andrews

    Vaccine-preventable Diseases
    Skin Infections
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    Dr. Endre Ludwig

    Adult Vaccination
    Clinical Pharmacology
    Pneumococcal Vaccines
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    Dr. Isabella Aboderin

    Older Adult Rights
    Ageing Policy and Development
    Social Determinants of Health in Old Age
    Health Systems
    Access to Health Care
    Intergenerational Support
    Family Relationships
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    Prof. Yitzhak Brick

    Decent Work for All
    Public Policy
    Technology and Ageing
    Volunteering and Employement of Older Adults
    Health Promotion
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    Dr. Mark S. Lachs

    Elder Abuse
    Adult Protective Services
    Functional Ability
    Health Care Finance
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