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You Heard It Here First: Hearing Is Critical to Healthy Ageing

November 28, 2019  · 2 min read

 A recent Washington Post article reports that hearing loss can increase risk of dementia, depression and falls.  Why? One theory is that hearing loss can cause the brain to strain to hear or understand what someone is saying at the expense of other brain functions. A second theory points to the high rates of social isolation associated with hearing loss, which has been linked to a range of health issues including Alzheimer’s disease and depression. 

For more information on the link between hearing loss and brain health, contact IFA Expert Prof. Perminder Sachdev, Co-Director the Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing in Australia. In addition, consider attending the IFA 15th Global Conference on Ageing “Rights Matter”, where presentations will be made on the key sub-theme “maximizing senses”.

A few months ago, the IFA was proud to join the World Hearing Forum, a global network of stakeholders promoting ear and hearing care worldwide, with the aim of promoting and supporting the implementation of the 2017 World Health Assembly resolution on the prevention of deafness and hearing loss.

From 4-5 December 2019, the IFA will participate in the first World Hearing Forum Membership Assembly, at the WHO headquarters in Geneva. The main objectives of the Membership Assembly are to:

·        Align members with the vision and mission of the World Hearing Forum;

·        Establish Working Groups and Steering Committee for the Forum;

·        Propose advocacy action plan for the next two years;

·        Serve as a platform for exchange of views among members; and

·        Explore possibilities for resource mobilization.

Keep watch on IFAs social media for the next steps resulting from the World Hearing Forum, as IFA strives to improve functional ability for older people by raising awareness on the importance of hearing screening, health promotion, and hearing rehabilitation.

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