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Bruna Swerts


Bruna joined the IFA team in 2022.

Bruna has a BA in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Centro Universitário UNA in Brazil, a Certificate for Introduction to Project Management from the University of Adelaide, Australia, and a Diploma in Media Communications from Humber College, Canada, where she graduated with honours.

Even though she was born in Brazil, Bruna has continuously sought international experience by living in Spain, Ireland, the United States, and Mexico before landing in Canada. On top of her 20 years of experience in customer service across different roles and industries, she has also amassed vast knowledge in media and communications – both from the backend perspective as a technical account manager specializing in email deliverability for large companies across the Americas, and the frontend perspective as a photographer, video/audio editor and writer (both technical and fiction – she is a shamelessly self-published author).

In her rather scarce free time, she gets to be the mother of a lovely girl, an avid reader (and a D.H. Lawrence diehard fan), a messy knitter, a scrappy photographer, but most of all, a passionate storyteller. She truly believes that given the opportunity, every person (regardless of age) has good stories to tell – so it is up to passionately creative people like herself to capture and preserve them.


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