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Mitali Mistry

Mitali MistryMitali joined the IFA as a Project Officer in 2022. She holds both an Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology and Honours Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science and Science Policy from the University of Ottawa. A Certificate Program in Health Law & Policy at the University of Ottawa has also been completed by her, and now she is currently working on completing a Data Analytics Certificate.

Mitali has recent experience working in public health at the provincial and municipal levels in addition to previous ophthalmological clinical work experience. Over the years, Mitali has accumulated several years of volunteer experience and involvement in hospitals and other health care, science, and humanitarian organizations; which in addition to current world events and movements, has spurred her growing interest in public health, health and science policy, health equity, and social justice.

In her spare time, Mitali enjoys baking, painting, photography, and being active outside.

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