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Monica Takahashi

Monica Takahashi joined the IFA team as a Project Officer in October 2021. She holds a Master of Science in Global Health from McMaster University. Through an exchange to Maastricht University in the Netherlands, she specialized in the “Implementing Innovations on a Global Scale concentration. She also holds an Honours BSc. in Integrated Sciences from McMaster University where she learned how to approach problems through a multidisciplinary lens. Monica used the skills that she learned from her undergrad to inform the way that she approached her MSc. Monica is particularly interested in reducing health inequalities, the health of women and girls, and health through education.

Prior to joining the IFA team, Monica worked as a high school math and science teacher where she tailored her teaching style to suit the needs of the individual students. She also acted as the COVID-19 advisor, where she advised the administration of safety measures that needed to be taken and addressed concerns of students.

During her MSc., Monica completed a practicum with the Tula Foundation in Guatemala. She gained experience in project monitoring and evaluating using a mixed-methods research approach. She also gained experience working with a variety of stakeholders and leading bilingual meetings. These experiences have prepared Monica for the work that she will do in the IFA. She is excited to expand her portfolio to better the lives of older adults world-wide.

On her free time, Monica volunteers in a drop-in center for people experiencing homelessness, poverty, and addiction. She also volunteers her time tutoring underprivileged students. Monica enjoys cooking and connecting to new people and new cultures by trying different foods. She loves spending time with friends, family, and her 1-year-old dog Appa.




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