Three out of four adults age 45 and older who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender say they are concerned about having enough support from family and friends as they age. Many are also worried about how they will be treated in long-term care facilities and want specific LGBT services for older adults.

These were among the findings of a recent national AARP survey, “Maintaining Dignity: Understanding and Responding to the Challenges Facing Older LGBT Americans.”

From 27 October to 12 November, 2017 Community Marketing and Insights (CMI) fielded an online survey for AARP to better understand LGBT community members age 45 and over living in the United States.

CMI's research panel of 85,000+ members was developed over a 20-year period by partnership with over 300 LGBT media, events, organizations and social media.

The panel mostly includes "out" LGBT community members who interact with LGBT media and organizations. Panelists do not include LGBT community members who are more "closeted" about the sexual orientation or gender identity.