September 2018
Ageism Stakeholder Mapping for the Global Campaign to Combat Ageism
The Global Campaign to Combat Ageism, led by the World Health Organization, aims to change the way we all think, feel and act towards age and ageing.

Key to driving the Campaign forward is understanding who is already working on ageism, and what can be learned from organizations already working to tackle it. This will help inform the development of the campaign.

If you or your organization have worked on ageism, please complete this short questionnaire . The information provided will be used to create a database of organizations and individuals already working on ageism, and to identify future partners and supporters of the campaign. 

Please contact Ms Hannah Girdler , IFA Project Officer, if you have any additional questions.
The WHO Seeks Candidates for Senior Level Position
The World Health Organization is seeking candidates for the following senior level position: Director of Ageing and Life Course (ALC) , to lead the department and the work of WHO in presenting a compelling vision and lead global efforts in reframing of the way the world considers ageing and older people, to advance the WHO Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health and to ensure WHO’s approach is consistent with a sustainable and equitable response to the global transition to older populations. Vacancy reference 1804028. For more information and to apply online please click the button below. Deadline for applications is 12 October 2018.
WHO is committed to workforce diversity . Applications from women and from nationals of non and underrepresented Member States are particularly encouraged. Candidates appointed to an international post with WHO are subject to mobility and may be assigned to any activity or duty station of the Organization throughout the world – experience at country level and/or evidence of a previous history of mobility would be an advantage.

This position is classified at the "D1" level in the United Nations Common System and are currently based in Geneva. Information on salary and benefits can be found through links here
14th Global Conference - Presentations Now Available
Presentations from the 14 th Global Conference on Ageing are now available for all members of the IFA. To access the presentations, go to and log in on the top right hand corner.
Call for Nominations to the IFA Board of Directors
The IFA is seeking expressions of interest through a nomination process to be considered for election to the Board. Full IFA members in good standing are qualified to nominate and be nominated to the IFA Board of Directors.

Nominations will be accepted until  28 September 2018 . To nominate an individual to the IFA Board of Directors, please click the button below.
Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) Barometer European Advocacy Workshop
Visit the DR Barometer website to view the highlights from the Workshop:
Third UN High-Level Meeting on Non-Communicable Diseases
27 September, 2018
The United Nations General Assembly is staging the third High-level Meeting on the prevention and control of NCDs. The purpose of the meeting is to undertake a comprehensive review of the global and national progress achieved in putting measures in place that protect people from dying ‘too young’ from heart and lung diseases, cancers and diabetes. The IFA and other NGOs representing the voices of older persons have advocated for a shift in perspective from ‘premature’ to ‘preventable’ death.  
Older persons are disproportionately impacted and that the global burden of NCDs increases with age. The IFA recommends for the outcomes of the High-level Meeting on NCDs to align with the World Health Organization’s 13 th  General Programme of Work by including older persons and healthy ageing, with the aim of promoting intrinsic capacity and functional ability across the life course as well as aligning health systems to the needs of older populations.
To learn more about the meeting, click here
International Day of Older Persons
1 October, 2018
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) turns 70 this year and the International Day for Older Persons celebrates the importance of this Declaration, and reaffirms the commitment to promoting the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by older persons.

Older human rights champions today were born around the time of the adoption of the UDHR in 1948. They are as diverse as the society in which they live: from older people advocating for human rights at the grass root and community level to high profile figures on the international stage. Each and every one demands equal respect and acknowledgement for their dedication and commitment to contributing to a world free from fear and free from want.

This year the IFA calls on members to support the 2018 theme, which aims to:
  • Promote the rights enshrined in the Declaration and what it means in the daily lives of older persons;
  • Raise the visibility of older people as participating members of society committed to improving the enjoyment of human rights in many areas of life and not just those that affect them immediately;
  • Reflect on progress and challenges in ensuring full and equal enjoyment of human rights and fundamental freedoms by older persons; and
  • Engage broad audiences across the world and mobilize people for human rights at all stages of life.
IFA Expert Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden
11-12 October 2018
The IFA and the Swedish Heart and Lung Association, supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Pfizer, will be hosting the “Vaccination and the At-risk Population of Adults with Heart and Lung Conditions” expert meeting in Stockholm. 

The meeting will bring together thought leaders in ageing, immunisation, public health and chronic diseases with important input from patient representatives to improve the uptake rates of adult vaccination, with special attention to those living with or at risk of heart and lung conditions. 
Age-Friendly Housing and Communities Conference
Mr Greg Shaw, on behalf of the IFA, will be presenting at the Age-Friendly Housing and Communities Conference in Birmingham the year.

This conference will bring together representatives from the housing sector, academics and policy makers to explore what changes are needed to help support healthy ageing, promote independence, and combat ageism to ensure our housing and communities are prepared to meet the needs of an ageing population. Find out more at