May 2019
IFA Celebrates Vision Health Month

Over the last four years, the Eye See You campaign has informed and educated Canadian audiences about the importance of vision health. Evolving out of a growing recognition that, with an ageing population, the prevalence of vision loss is increasing. Vision Health Month in May represents an exciting opportunity to build upon the ‘Eye See You’ discussion and further reinforce that vision loss can happen to anyone, at any age.

With a rapidly ageing population, understanding the risks of acquiring an age-related vision health condition is of critical importance. The IFA would like to take this opportunity to highlight the importance of education and patient empowerment, as well as equitable access to safe and effective screening and treatment of eye conditions for all people, but specifically older people and those most at-risk, or neglected by other mechanisms of health promotion.

The IFA is pleased to host a vision health panel and expert discussion in Toronto, Canada on 28 May 2019 that is open to the public and free of charge. For the full program, click here .
Are you interested in or working at the intersection of ageing, cognitive health and policy?

The IFA in partnership with  DaneAge  is proud to host the IFA Copenhagen Summit on Cognitive Reserve , a global forum to share successful policies and best practices that encourage a life course approach to brain health. On 24-25 October 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark, experts in the fields of public health, policy, healthy ageing and cognitive health will meet to deliberate how to ensure that cognitive reserve is embedded within a life course approach to policy and practice.

Confirmed speakers thus far include:
  • Professor Michael Valenzuela
  • Professor Carol Brayne
  • Professor Gill Livingston
  • Professor Kaarin Anstey
  • Scientia Professor Perminder Sachdev
  • Ms Heidi Holt
  • Dr Prashanthi Vemuri
  • Professor Ralph Martins
  • Mr Lenny Shallcross

Program, registration, sponsorship opportunities and additional logistic information is available on the summit  website
20 - 28 May 2019
72 nd  World Health Assembly
The 72 nd   World Health Assembly (WHA), hosted by the World Health Organization, will take place on 20-28 May 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland. The WHA is an annual meeting where Member States and non-state actors in official relations with the WHO, such as the IFA, assemble to lend their voices to policy program and development, allocation of budgeting to programmes, as well as provide supervision to policies related to financing. 

This year, IFA Secretary General Dr Jane Barratt will be leading a delegation to Geneva. Appointed delegates include Mr Greg Shaw (IFA), Ms Laura Tamblyn Watts (CARP), Ms Silvia Perel-Levin (Geneva NGO Committee on Ageing), Dr. Xenia Scheil-Adlung (IFA UN Representative), Mr David Sinclair (ILC-UK), and Ms Lily Parsey (ILC-UK). 
The IFA is honoured to take part in the important deliberations taking place at the WHA72 and aim to represent the voices of older people globally. In addition, the IFA will be hosting a side event entitled Health Promotion Through the Life Course: A call to action to leave no one behind. Click here for full event details .

To learn more about the scheduled meetings at the WHA72, visit the website here .  
United Nations Highlights
Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing
On 17 April, the IFA co-hosted the successful   side event “Independence, Autonomy and rights of Older Persons in the African Context” at the UN 10 th  Open-Ended Working Group on Ageing (OEWG10) where the importance of legislative opportunities for empowering and strengthening the rights of older people in Africa were highlighted. 

The purpose of OEWG10 was to strengthen the protection of the human rights of older people. Highlights from each day can be found here: Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4
Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) wants to hear what you think about dementia!

ADI has commissioned the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) to carry out the world’s largest survey on people’s attitudes around dementia.

Stigma remains the single largest and most pervasive barrier facing the dementia community – but with your help, this survey can be a first step in tackling it.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and will be available in multiple languages. We will be adding more languages over the next two weeks. It will be predominantly multiple choice and targeted to four key sociodemographic groups.
Upcoming Webinar
An Introduction: The Decade of Healthy Ageing
3 May 2019

The Decade of Healthy Ageing is proposed as a global collaboration led by WHO that will bring together governments, international agencies, health professionals, academia, the media, the private sector and civil society to improve the lives of older people, their families and the communities they live in.

Join Dr Mary Manandhar of the WHO as she explains what 'The Decade' has in store.
Upcoming Events
Canadian Gerontological Nursing Association
2019 Biennial Conference
2-4 May 2019

The CGNA Biennial conference is focuses on all facets of education, practice and research in the care of older adults. Dr Jane Barratt will be presenting on the demographic upheavals of population ageing, reflecting on her role with the IFA and sharing life lessons that have enabled her to remain passionate and committed to improving the lives of older people globally.
The Art of Ageing Forum
Niagara College, Welland
26-27 June 2019

This two-day event features thirteen thought-provoking speakers, including Dr Jane Barratt on behalf of the IFA, and will host an assembly of thought leaders, organizations and individuals who want to make a difference, reduce ageist attitudes and reshape what it means to age.
Global Silver Economy Forum
9-10 July, 2019
Helsinki, Finland

The Finnish Government and the Global Coalition on Aging will convene the first-ever High-Level Forum on the Silver Economy for government and business leaders this summer in Helsinki, Finland. The Forum is part of the official program of the Finland's Presidency of the Council of the European Union.
New Project Officer

The IFA is pleased to welcome Ms. Robyn Beckett to the team as a Project Officer this May. As a recent graduate of the Master of Public Health program at the University of Toronto, Robyn is eager to apply her passion for health research and policy advocacy at the IFA.
World Immunization Week

The IFA joined the World Health Organization and partners around the world to recognize World Immunization Week. The Protected Together: Vaccines Work! campaign focused on promoting the use of vaccines to protect people of all ages against disease. Immunization saves millions of lives every year and is recognized as one of the world’s most successful and cost-effective public health interventions.

In addition to a joint statement from coalition partners, the IFA released a number of reports and and materials throughout the week.
“Disrupting the Status Quo”: Michael Tamblyn, Rakuten Kobo CEO, to deliver a key note address at IFA2020 Conference
As President and CEO of one of the world’s fastest growing eReading services, Rakuten Kobo has a mission “to empower booklovers to read more.” As part of that mission, Rakuten Kobo wants to make sure that all people can keep reading throughout their entire lives, from first words to final chapter.

Mr Tamblyn is an engaging international speaker who addresses innovation, digital media, publishing and mobile technology. He advises startups focused on ageing and technology (gerontechnology) through his role as Chief Entrepreneur of Age-Well NCE and serves on the board of the Law Commission of Ontario.

The IFA is pleased to welcome Mr Tamblyn as a key note speaker at the 15th Global Conference on Ageing in Niagara Falls, Canada from 1-3 November 2020. Bringing examples from industry, his address will contribute to the critical and timely discussion on the importance of challenging damaging narratives.
The IFA is pleased to share this collection of reports and publications from international partners. By supporting each other, and mobilizing new research and knowledge, driving the agenda for the world's population ageing will be made easier. These reports highlight topics like non-communicable diseases, older people's right to autonomy and independence, technology's impact on adult immunization and more. Please take time to review the outcomes of these reports, share them within your networks and use the knowledge gained to continue advancing the rights of older people globally.