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In response to the increased apathy towards older adults’ health and wellbeing in society, Homecare Hub is thrilled to announce their partnership with the IFA on an intergenerational campaign to decrease barriers to ageing with dignity: Older Not Invisible. This initiative seeks to encourage intergenerational conversations about ageing in order to correct the generational divisiveness that has emerged as a result of prominent and systematic issues in society. Further, it seeks to unite a network of individuals, organizations, and corporations who share the same mission and drive to change the way we look at ageing.

Older adults are often treated as if they are not whole and valuable people. This has only been further highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought the wellbeing of older adults to the forefront of many of our conversations. However, despite the increased awareness of how systemic flaws in society have failed so many families worldwide, disturbing and apathetic remarks continue to surround the pandemic. Such has made clear that, often for economic reasons, many leaders and people view older generations as burdens rather than recognizing the strength, wisdom, and love that older people have to offer. The willingness to exclude an entire generation of people from meaningful relationships and representation is indicative not of the mental or physical challenges associated with ageing, but of the social discourse that is rendering older adults invisible.

Homecare Hub’s CEO, Dr. Vipan Nikore, noticed that many of his patients feel that their age has affected the way they are treated, in the healthcare system, in policy, in the media, and even by their family. They are not alone, as a 2013 Revera study[1] demonstrates that 41% of older Canadians report feeling invisible. Today, more and more seniors are feeling this way. These findings are reflective of the social discourse rendering older adults invisible, and it has real effects on their health and wellbeing.

To combat the stereotypes associated with ageing and encourage more intergenerational conversations about ageing, Older Not Invisible looks to highlight inspiring and unexpected stories of older adults so that we can rewrite the ageist discourse that is rendering so many invisible. That is why individuals are sharing stories on social media about older adults who are defying expectations, making an impact, and continuing to demonstrate that “older” does not equate to “less important,” “less impactful,” or “less incredible.” These stories encourage everyone to reflect on who inspires them, to have more healthy and honest conversations about what it means to get older, and to ask, how can I make a difference?

To participate, Homecare Hub asks individuals to share a post on social media using #OlderNotInvisible and tagging Homecare Hub or to submit a story to be shared by Homecare Hub to As granddaughters reflect on the legacy of their grandparents, sons on their mothers, and others on their friends and heroes, we quickly recognize that a single story has the capacity to change a long-told narrative in society. For more information about Older Not Invisible and how you can help combat ageism, please visit or email


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