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International Relations

  • General Consultative Status at the United Nations – ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council)
    IFA UN Representatives
    • New York: Ms. Helen R. Hamlin, Dr. Cynthia Stuen, Ms. Valerie Levy and Ms Sandra Timmermann
    • Vienna: Ms. Christina Quijano-Caballero
    • Geneva: Dr. Kelly Fitzgerald
  • Official Relations with the World Health Organisation.
  • Operational Status with UNESCO (Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).
  • Second Category Consultative Status with ILO ( International Labour Organization).
  • Consultative Status with Council of Europe in the European Union.
  • Representation on the UN Committee for Human Rights.
  • Representation on the UN Committee for the Older Women.
  • Representation on UNESCAP (Econonmic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific)
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