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The IFA operates as a not-for-profit corporation in accordance with the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act S.C. 2009, C. 23.  The corporation has two governing bodies: Members which constitute the highest governing body; and the Board of Directors as the governing body that performs duties between annual member meetings and exercises ongoing oversight functions.

The IFA Governance Manual provides a comprehensive guide to the governance and management of the corporation.  The Manual is reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

Board Responsibility

The role of the Board is governance, while management is the responsibility of the Secretary General, staff and professional and volunteer staff. Governance focuses on the organization’s purpose, including the establishment and monitoring of IFA’s strategic direction and Board-level policies.

The Board contracts with the Secretary General for the management and administration of the organization. The Secretary General is responsible, within parameters established by the Board, for determining the methods by which the Board’s directions and policies will be executed and desired outcomes achieved.

The Secretary General is employed by the Board of Directors and is therefore responsible to the Board as a whole, rather than to individual members of the board. The Secretary General is required to implement policies determined by the Board and compliant with any pertinent legislation and regulation.


IFA and the One China Policy

In line with the United Nations and associated agencies, including the World Health Organization, The International Federation on Ageing follows the UN General Assembly (UNGA) Resolution 2758 of 1971 in recognizing the one-China policy.

 Annual Reports

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