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Movies About Aging and Elderhood is a natural offshoot of Terra Nova Films vision to further explore, analyze, and encourage new realities of healthy aging and resilience. Through reviews and discussions of films on aging, this site empowers viewers and readers to see aging as a natural continuum of life with new realms of possibility and growth. Our reviewers, Jim Vanden Bosch, founder and Executive Director of Terra Nova Films, and Rick Scheidt, Professor, Department of Applied Human Sciences, Kansas State University, bring a fresh, lively and holistic perspective to their reviews that question as well as inform.

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All post-activities related to the Vaccine Virtual Days, March 30th & 31st, 2022, have officially come to an end and what a fantastic edition and achievement it was! More than 9.5K individuals registered from 140 countries. The secret to success of the Vaccine Virtual Days is the incredible collaboration and dedication to excellence from all 43 hosts and speakers.

For the 2022 edition, we also want to thank our independent Scientific Committee (Jane Barratt – Paolo Bonanni – Stefania Maggi – Jean-Pierre Michel – John Oppenheimer – Rosana Richtmann – Mitch Rothholz – Mary Slack – LJ Tan) for the fantastic agenda covering the most pressing topics, trends and needs in vaccinology. Live translation was provided in 8 languages and On-Demand content was made available for one-month post-event. Attendees were also eligible for 12 Continuing Professional Development (CDP) credits.

This third edition of the Vaccine Virtual Days on adult immunization succeeded in bringing together new stakeholders in vaccination.

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