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Copenhagen Summit on Cognitive Reserve

Woman holding a babySome 46.8 million people report that they are living with severe cognitive impairment impacting their ability to function independently in society. While global population ageing is attracting the attention of government, industry, academia and individuals around the world, enabling the functional ability of every person, specifically brain health and cognitive function, is of critical importance.

In partnership with DaneAge the IFA Copenhagen Summit on Cognitive Reserve (24-25 October 2019) aims to translating global knowledge on cognitive reserve towards policy development and implementation. The Summit program was informed by synthesized outputs of the IFA Copenhagen Think Tank and will be critical in ensuring cognitive reserve evidence is shared with policy makers to influence both policy and practice.

The timing and topic of this Summit is of utmost importance as policy-related dialogue on the impact of cognitive reserve across the life course is relatively new and there are real opportunities for inclusion in current public health and age-related policies and strategies under development. To ensure that policies and initiatives impacting cognitive reserve are both comprehensive and coordinated, collaboration between stakeholders involved in cognitive reserve research and public health policy is critical to make on impact on the prevention and risk reduction of cognitive impairment.

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