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The Executive Board of the World Health Organization has decided to maintain official relations with the IFA. This decision was made in the 146th session of the WHO meeting in February 2020.

Having “official relations” with the WHO is a privilege that the Executive Board grants to nongovernmental organizations, international business associations and philanthropic foundations that have had and continue to have a sustained and systematic engagement in the interest of the Organization. The aims and activities of all these entities shall be in conformity with the spirit, purposes and principles of WHO’s Constitution, and they shall contribute significantly to the advancement of public health.

66 non-state actors are currently in official relations with the WHO, three of which are related to and all go through a triennial review of their collaborations. Therefore, the Executive Board of the WHO will again review the IFA’s official relationship in 2023.

The IFA looks forward to continuing collaboration towards the WHO’s mission to promote health worldwide.


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