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Aeldre Sagen or DaneAge Association is a non-profit, national membership organisation founded in 1986. The association is organized with 219 local chapters/committees. DaneAge is independent, non-partisan and neutral regarding party politics, religion, and ethnic origins. It has a membership of 584.000 (the Danish population is 5.5 million people).

DaneAge is also a member of AARP Global Network, the pre-eminent international network of organizations serving the needs of the mature population in countries around the world.

The mission of DaneAge is to fight for a society in which all can live long and good lives; a society in which: the person is more important than the person’s age, it is possible to live and to grow on your own terms, support and care are available for those who need it. To ensure this, DaneAge undertake several activities.

For more information, visit Aeldre Sagen’s website.

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