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age_in_action_logoFounded in 1956 as “The South African Council for the Aged”, now known as “Age-in-Action”, is the body representing more than 2.7 million older people. The Organisation also has over 800 NGO’s as members who provide vital services to more than 150 000 older persons in need of care. In terms of Age-in-Action’s mission, namely to protect and promote the interests and well-being of all elderly persons, they strive to:

  • initiate and promote programmes aimed at advancing the status, well being, safety and security of vulnerable and needy older persons.
  • provide community based health care services for frail, bedridden, vulnerable and needy older persons.
  • initiate prevention and educational programmes on HIV/AIDS for older persons.
  • provide empowerment programmes for vulnerable and needy older persons via viz., adult education.
  • conduct relevant publications and disseminate information relating to older persons.
  • initiate and implement inter-generation programmes.
  • lobby and advocate for the rights of older persons.

For more information, visit the Age-in-Action website.

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