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Established in October 1999, China National Working Commission on Ageing,  as an advisory and coordinating organization of the State Council, is mandated to supervise the work on nationwide. CNWCA has 26 members.

The main responsibilities of CNWCA include:

  • Researches on and formulation of the development strategies and major policies on ageing, coordinating and facilitating the relevant departments to implement the development plans on ageing
  • Coordinating and facilitating relevant departments to protect the rights and interests of the elderly
  • Coordinating and facilitating relevant departments to strengthen macro-level guidance and comprehensive management of the work on ageing, promoting carious kinds of activities for the physical and psychological wellbeing of the elderly
  • Guiding monitoring and supervising the work on ageing of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities
  • Organizing and coordinating important activities on ageing in China initiated and sponsored by UN and the other international organizations.

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