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Founded in November 2012 by the Endocrinology & Metabolism Research Institute (EMRI), The Elderly Health Research Center is proactively involved in the elderly health.  It leads some ageing research and educational programs to improve the well-being of older adults.  The center is now considered as a nationally renowned leading organization in the field.  It works in close collaboration with Kahrizak Charity Foundation. The centre’s mission is to:

  • Support and conduct basic and clinical research in the fields of aging, geriatric, and gerontology as well as genetic, biological, clinical, behavioral, economic and social aspects of aging; and
  • Produce information about aging and share the fruits of the research carried out with health care professionals and the public.

The Elderly Health Research Centers’ programs are:

  • Education and support of the Iranian elderly population in health and other relevant issues;
  • Initiation and forging joint projects with international and domestic research centers working on common fields of interest;
  • Development of data banks and statistics for authorities and policy makers; and
  • Provision of training for researchers working in elderly-health related subjects.

For more information about these projects please visit the website.

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