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friends of IFA Japan

Friends of IFA Japan (FOIFA) is an independent non-profit organization working together with the International Federation on Ageing and other related NGOs and NPOs to meet the challenges of the ageing population in the world. FOIFA is based in Akita City, Akita Prefecture, Japan. Akita City is situated in the mid-west of Akita Prefecture and Akita Prefecture is in the north eastern part of the Japan main Island.

The growth of the aging population worldwide and its influence on the individual in all areas of life is something that cannot be avoided. To add, the problems facing old people like age discrimination, abuse, gender inequality, race, poor economy conditions, and poor health etc is not given full attention.

The aim of FOIFA is to ensure that senior citizens must live healthily and actively; have dignity, the responsibility to act and the right to participate in the society which naturally is an acknowledgment of the basic human rights of freedom.

Missions: Observe and make suggestions to the quality of care in elderly facilities; work in partnership with hospitals to ensure the availability of healthcare to senior citizens; create projects to upgrade the life of old people and encourage their participation in the society; raise public awareness on ageing issues both at home and abroad; attend international meetings and conferences to share and gather information on ageing issues.

For more information, visit the FOIFA website (English version).

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