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helpage-zimbabwe_120x124Established in 1989, HelpAge Zimbabwe (HAZ) works for and with the older persons in Zimbabwe.  The long-term goal of the organization is to improve the overall standard of living and health care for older people regardless of race, gender or religion.  The organisation is involved in a variety of issues.

HAZ acts to provide developmental support programs and community based initiatives in the areas of urban destitution, relief, aid, health institutional care, water provision training, advocacy, information dissemination, networking, housing and income generating projects.  The primary aim of these projects is to make older persons as self-sufficient as possible.  Their work on HIV and AIDS aims also to raise awareness of the crucial role older people play as caregivers.

HAZ collaborates with community leaders, local authorities, government ministries, partner agencies and NGOs and makes sure that older people are included in emergency programmes by the Government and humanitarian organisations.

For more information please visit the website.

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