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euragCreated in 1962, Eurag is a non-profit independent organisation. Through its 148 member organisations, in 33 European countries, EURAG represents millions of older people in Europe.

Eurag works on the improving of the quality of the social and political standards of living of older people.

Member organisations are: senior citizens associations; self-aid groups, public institutions, social and educational institutions, individuals.

Main activities are: representation of older people’s interests at European level, exchange of experiences, co-ordination of activities and projects, network initiatives. EURAG especially promotes co-ordination, collaboration and exchange of opinions with expert and service organisations, self-help groups as well as individuals.

EURAG sets up working groups and committees on topical issues concerning the older generation and launches proposals and motions to all international institutions. It is also a member of the Platform of European Social NGOs in Brussels.

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