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The Slovenian Federation of Pensioners’ Organizations (ZDUS) groups 503 local associations and clubs of pensioners, including over 235.000 members all over Slovenia, which is 51% of all retired population.

Having a strong capacity to mobilize significant portions of elderly population, ZDUS has established good cooperation linkages with relevant governmental bodies, local municipalities and other decision makers.

The organization is experienced in research and promotion of different housing solutions for older people, in line with the specific needs of the individual and its family. Indeed, ZDUS goal is encouraging active, productive and creative life for older people as long as possible, by acknowledging the potential and experience of older people as a contribution to the whole society. The main activities that ZDUS realizes includes: promotion of health and healthy lifestyles among older population through sport, recreational, cultural and social activities in local communities; advocacy for the needs of older people on national and local level; support to intergenerational collaboration and understanding; active ageing and long-life learning.

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