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Operational considerations for COVID-19 management in the accommodation sector: interim guidanceCOVID-19 transmission
- Although most infected people develop mild symptoms, severe disease may result in older people and/or people with other medical conditions and they may require rapid hospitalisation.
Reception and concierge
- Reception desk staff, if possible, should not be older or with underlying health conditions
31 Mar 2020
Operational considerations for COVID-19 surveillance using GISRS: interim guidanceNo specific reference to older people26 Mar 2020
Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19: How COVID-19 spreadsBefore travelling
- Avoid sending employees who may be at higher risk of serious illness (e.g. older employees and those with medical conditions such as diabetes, heart and lung disease) to areas where COVID-19 is spreading.
Getting your workplace ready in case COVID19 arrives
- Consider how to identify persons who may be at risk, and support them, without inviting stigma and discrimination into your workplace. This could include persons who have recently travelled to an area reporting cases, or other personnel who have conditions that put them at higher risk of serious illness (e.g. diabetes, heart and lung disease, older age).
19 Mar 2020
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak: rights, roles and responsibilities of health workers, including key considerations for occupational safety and healthNo specific reference to older people18 Mar 2020
Key Messages and Actions for COVID-19 Prevention and Control in SchoolsNo specific reference to older people10 Mar 2020
Preparedness, prevention and control of COVID-19 in prisons and other places of detentionNo specific reference to older people
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