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The IFA brings together global experts and expertise to influence and shape age-related policy to improve the lives and to better all of society.

Health and Aging Policy Fellows Program

With an ageing population, one of the greatest challenges is ensuring that policies provide the best possible quality of life…

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Doctors, nurses coming out of retirement to help New Brunswick and Nova Scotia’s COVID-19 response

Physicians and nurses in two provinces in Canada are coming out of retirement to help with the response to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Does this call into question the issue of a mandatory retirement age?

COVID-19 Now We All Know What It’s Like To Be Old & Alone

Due to COVID-19, all of us are experiencing the isolation many older adults experience every day

Ethical Framework for Health Care Institutions and Guidelines for Institutional Ethics Services Responding to the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic

An ethically sound framework for health care during public health emergencies must balance the patient-centered duty of care—the focus of clinical ethics under normal conditions—with public-focused duties to promote equality of persons and equity in distribution of risks and benefits in society—the focus of public health ethics.