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IFA 12th Global Conference on Ageing


The International Federation on Ageing, co-hosted by the Heritage Foundation, proudly convened the 12th International Federation on Ageing Global Conference on June 10-13, 2014 at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre in Hyderabad, India. The themes of the conference were established as Health, Security and Community. 

The Major Proceedings of the Conference and Emerging Issues include issues such as support systems for vulnerable older persons; establishment of ‘social businesses’ to reduce poverty, poor health and discrimination; social protection and security for older persons.

All abstracts and presentations are readily available in the Members section on our website. To access this information, please become a member of the IFA.

The primary goal of this conference was to establish a discourse and stimulate policy related to these three themes in an area of the world that is notable for its completely unique character. With a population of over 1 billion people, the 7th largest nation territory in the world, and a growing economy that has weathered the global economic downturn, India’s importance within the world must be recognized.

Addressing the needs of a rapidly ageing population within this realm of the globe, and the entire globe more generally, is pertinent. Consider that India is an anomaly in terms of its diversity.  Despite the commonly made mistake of referring  to “India” as if it is a uniform entity, the reality is that it is characterized by a population of many subcultures; one that undoubtedly speaks more than the 22 languages officially recognized by its constitution, and one that experiences hugely varying socioeconomic status.  There is much to be discussed about how to best integrate an ageing policy into the country when such diversity exists. In addition, learning from Indian experts  about how the country reconciles ageing policies with those related to general economic development will be a valuable experience.


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