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Workshops & Symposiums

Welcome to the IIIA – Workshops and Symposiums page!  Here you will find a number of workshops being offered on October 4th, 2013 during the Concurrent Session portion of the program. Workshops are interactive and allow delegates and speakers to engage in rich discussion on a dedicated topic area. Each workshop has something different to offer! Workshops and symposiums are first come first serve on October 4th.

Age-Friendly Cities and “Villages” for Older People: Will They Change the Way We Age?

The session will summarize and discuss the experience gained by the village movement to date. It will also reflect on the potential for cooperation and synergy between the age-friendly city and the “village” approach to independent living.  Read more here.


Older Persons as a Resource in the Ageing Societies of Europe: Policy Options and Challenges

The UNFPA symposium aims to highlight policy options, challenges, tools, and practices with regards to ageing. Four leading experts will present strategies and policy options that focus on the potential of recognizing and harnessing human capital and on policy practices in selected countries from the Eastern European region. Read more here.


Senior Entrepreneurs – New Engines for a New Economy

In the United States it can take 3 times as long for unemployed people aged 50+ to be re-hired, if they are fortunate enough to find another job. Many are turning to self-employment and entrepreneurship to reboot their careers and sustain their economic self-reliance. Read more here.

Break the Silence – Giving a Voice Back to Abused Seniors Using Assist Communication Elder Abuse Assessment

When elder abuse occurs and someone has the ability to speak they can report and seek assistance. Seniors who may not be able to speak, having suffered Stroke, Parkinson’s disease and other illness which impede communication are more vulnerable and it is difficult if not impossible to report abuse. Assisted communication has been used to give people voice. By developing and utilizing our assisted communication elder abuse screening tool we enable non-verbal abused seniors to tell their story.  Read more here.

Toward a Plan to make Dublin an Age-Friendly City: an experience of outcomes-based planning using real data, including the results of consultations with older people

The workshop will explore the model of decision-making involved in developing a plan to make an area of Dublin City more age-friendly. Participants will use real demographic, socio-economic and service data for the area, and the results of extensive consultations carried out with older people, to experience the process involved in developing an age-friendly plan for this community.  Read more here.

Caring for the Elderly with Dementia in our Community

Multidisciplinary case management approach promotes ageing in place – An overview of models of Community Mental health services.  In this workshop we will discuss community care models for assessment and treatment of mental health problems in the elderly from 2 different countries Singapore and UK.  Read more here.

Values-Based Elder Care: Designing and Aligning Systems of Care

for Older Adults

This interactive workshop incorporates the principles of design thinking and offers an innovative approach to the development of a continuum of services for elder care. There are four components to this approach: A defined set of values must inform decision-making and behaviour; Mental models must be shared and made explicit among front-line and system actors; Policies, incentives and resources must be aligned with the values… Read more here.

Building a Digital Community: Let’s Start the Conversation

“Digital shouldn’t have to be hard – bring any web problems you have and let’s solve them together!” – Ms. Kaye Fallick

This interactive workshop will consider how we can capitalise on new technologies to build and strengthen digital ageing communities worldwide.   This workshop will address issues of interest to those just starting out in the digital world, as well as those who have long-established websites but are wishing to increase their profile, reach and/or profitability. Read more here.

 Home Counselling 

The ageing of the population in Europe has justified the increasing investment of professionals of different health and social areas in home care services and equipment. The underlying rational is that this services answer many of the needs of the elderly that have mobility difficulties and, therefore, help in the enhancement of the quality of life of the senior population.  Read more here.

 Essential Conversations Project: Innovations in Family Dialogue for Intergenerational Harmony

Through Interactive discussions and activities participants will experience the Essential Conversations Process. They will leave the workshop with an understanding of the stages of facilitating an Essential Conversation, specific methods and tools for implementing an Essential Conversation, and an ability to translate those skills into their practice with older adults and their families. Current research findings about the impact of family conversation in times of transition will be included in the presentation.  Read more here.

Women and Ageing – A Global Conversation

The face of women globally is a multifaceted, multidimensional canvas that is symbolic through the ages, cultures, rituals and roles.  In the last two decade years initiatives around the world have responded to and in some small way, raised awareness of the issues relating specifically to women, their health and socio-economic status, their powerful role in family and society, their vulnerability and frailty and their fearless voice.  Read more here.

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