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Anne Berit Rafoss

Project Coordinator - National Network of Age-friendly Communities

Anne Berit has been responsible for creating awareness of the age-friendly agenda in Norway.

Languages : English, Italian, French, German


Anne Berit has been responsible for creating awareness of the age-friendly agenda in Norway, through her work for the city of Oslo, creating the first age-friendly city in Norway. Through her secondment at the WHO, Geneva and two secondments in Brussels she has also built up extensive knowledge about health politics, in particular concerning ageing and health. Furthermore, EU policies and international development. In particular, she has built up an expertise in age-friendly development in cities and communities. She established the working group "Urban ageing" in Eurocities (network of all major European cities) and was chair of the working group from 2015-2019. She was also involved in the establishement of a Nordic network of age-friendly cities, hosted by the Nordic Welfare Centre/Nordic Council of Ministers. Her current position is to build up a national network in Norway of age-friendly communities, enabling the creation of an age-friendly Norway.


I got a kick!

March 05, 2019

Therefore we want cultural ambassadors. What we say is that we need volunteers who would like to be with others, so that those who cannot simply go to the theater or at a concert or whatever it can be, can make use of the offers that exist, says Anne Berit Rafoss, project manager for "Age-friendly city" in the municipality of Oslo.

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We humans should not just live on something, but also for something

December 10, 2018

In August, Anne Berit Rafoss, project manager for "Age-friendly city" told Akersposten that one wants as many as possible, young and old, to have cultural experiences - and preferably together.

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We want as many as possible out of the house

August 22, 2018

We want as many as possible - young and old - to have cultural experiences in our city. Certainly together. We see that different generations enjoy each other's company, says the project manager for "Age-friendly city", Anne Berit Rafoss, to Akersposten.

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Age-friendly transport bus service is a success. Now it can be expanded
Norde Aker Budstikke

November 29, 2017

Both Ruter, the district and the Oslo municipality are satisfied with the usage statistics so far in the pilot, and the fact that the user number is constantly increasing, confirms Anne Berit Rafoss, special advisor in the agency department for the elderly, health and social services.

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One thing almost everyone wants. Now it comes
Norde Aker Budstikke

August 29, 2017

Social participation and being able to manage for as long as possible depends on transport, says Anne Berit Rafoss, special advisor in the city council department for the elderly, health and social services.

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Urban ageing - interview with Anne Berit Rafoss

February 25, 2016

The chair of the newly renamed urban ageing working group sat down with EUROCITIES to discuss what brought about the name change and the issues facing our cities with an ever-ageing population.

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Aging Readiness and Competititveness Report 2018
AARP Report

2018In 2016, AARP and FP Analytics embarked on an ambitious research project to highlight the realities and opportunities of aging and longevity around the world. We did so with an eye toward solutions and innovations aimed at both engaging a healthier, more independent older population and unleashing that population’s productive and economic potential.

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A better environment to age in. Working towards age-friendly cities in the Nordic region
Nordic Welfare Centre

2018In the Nordic region, life expectancy is increasing, and the elderly population is growing. It is of course a positive development that more people are living for longer, but it also entails major challenges, particularly in the areas of housing, transport, urban planning, healthcare and social services. The answer is to create age-friendly communities, where we can still experience quality of life in old age

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Creating age-friendly environments in Europe
WHO Europe

2016Policies to create more age-friendly environments, in which a growing number of cities and communities, local authorities and regional governments participate, have become a forceful movement in Europe and globally. These policies explore synergies between improving the physical environment of neighbourhoods, transport and housing; increasing respect, social inclusion and community participation; and investing in public services.

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Recognizing Volunteering Seniors
WHO Europe

2015Oslo is proud of and places great importance on our volunteers, in particular senior volunteers. In order to increase awareness of the efforts of the city`s volunteers, a conference for volunteering seniors was organised in April 2015.

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