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Dr. Brian A. Kaplan

Senior Vice President Clinical Strategy and Innovation

Dr. Kaplan is an expert in otolaryngology and cochlear implants and overseeing the execution of company sponsored clinical trials.

Languages : English


Senior Vice President Clinical Strategy and Innovation, Cochlear LTD. Leadership in developing cross-functional teams, strategic execution of global strategy for pre and post market medical devices. Coordination between global and regional functions. Oversee the design and execution of company sponsored clinical trials ensuring alignment and compliance. Lead the clinical team to coordinate with marketing and R&D with both direct and matrix reporting.Director of Cochlear Implant Center and Chairman of Department Otolaryngology at Greater Baltimore Medical Center. Budgetary, credentialing, quality and development responsibilities. Clinical research and resident education,... Strategy Board and Dance Center Board of Directors.Co-founder of Everseat, business to business SAS platform to optimize patient scheduling and referrals for medical practices and health systems. Acquired 2019 by Relatient.


Cochlear Implants: What You Need To Know Today
Audiology Practices

2018 The very best Doctors of Audiology are well-versed in various types of hearing instruments, assistive technologies, cochlear implants, bone conduction devices, and hybrid implants. While it can be a challenge to stay up to date with rapid technological advancements in today’s market, maintaining a facility with all the various hearing technologies, diagnostic platforms and a high level of personalized service can help you differentiate your practice.

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Effects of Transforming Growth Factor β and Insulinlike Growth Factor 1 on the Biomechanical and Histologic Properties of Tissue-Engineered Cartilage
Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery

To investigate the histologic and biomechanical properties of rabbit tissue-engineered cartilage exposed to insulin like growth factor 1 and transforming growth factor β.

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Area of Expertise


American Board of Otolaryngology

American College of Surgeons


University of Virginia School of Medicine :

Cornell University : Neurobiology

Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Residency :

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