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David Sinclair


Particular interests in older consumers, adult vaccination, active ageing, financial services, & the role of technology in an ageing society


David Sinclar has worked in policy and research on ageing and demographic change for 15 years.He has a particular interest in older consumers, adult vaccination, active ageing, financial services, and the role of technology in an ageing society. He has a strong knowledge of UK and global ageing society issues, from healthcare to pensions and from housing to transport.He has worked extensively on the issue of adult vaccination over the past eight years. He was a leading member of the SAATI coalition and is a board member of the Coalition for Life Course Immunisation.He has presented on longevity and demographic change across the world (from Stafford to Seoul and Singapore to Stormont). In 2016 David won the Pensions-Net-Work Award for “The most informative speaker 2006-2016”. He is frequently quoted on ageing issues in the national media.He is a member of the judging panel for the British Society of Gerontology Outstanding Achievement Award. He is a member of the Editorial Board for “Working with Older People”. David is a member of the Advisory Panel for the International Centre for Lifecourse Studies.He is a Chair of a London based charity (Open Age) which enables older people to sustain their physical and mental fitness, maintain active lifestyles and develop new and stimulating interests. He works as an “expert” for the pan-European Age Platform. He is also a member of the BT Customer Inclusion Leadership Panel. He works as a member of three DWP Age Action Alliance Working Groups and is the former Vice-Chair of the Government’s Consumer Expert Group for Digital Switchover.Prior to joining the ILC-UK, David worked as Head of Policy at Help the Aged where he led a team of 8 policy advisors. David has also worked for environmental and disability organisations in policy and public affairs functions. His other experience includes working as a VSO volunteer in Romania and in Parliament for a Member of Parliament and backbench committees.He is a retired football referee, is married, and has a 12 year old son. He runs (slowly) and cycles (a little quicker) and once scored a penalty against Peter Shilton.


Technology opens new opportunities to increase adult vaccinations
Open Access Government

April 30, 2019

David Sinclair, Director, ILC said: “It’s important that we continue to protect ourselves from infectious diseases like the flu throughout our lives and into old age.”“But in the same way as vaccination is not just for kids, nor is technology. Our research reveals there are lots of ways in which technology can help break down the barriers to uptake of adult vaccination. There are some great ideas out there.”

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'End pensioner benefits to help young', peers say
BBC News

April 25, 2019

But David Sinclair, director of the International Longevity Centre, said policymakers had failed the young.He said: "Our approach to public policy at the moment risks pitching younger against older people and inadvertently and unhelpfully undermining the intergenerational contract.

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Take from the old and give to the young, say peers

April 25, 2019

David Sinclair, director of the International Longevity Centre-UK (ILC-UK) called for a "more fundamental review of how a modern welfare state can be adapted to our ageing society".’Today’s young are tomorrow’s older people’He said: “Pensioner benefits are a matter of increasing political debate. While there is a strong case for universal pensioner benefits, it is also perfectly reasonable that these benefits should be taxed, so that those who can afford to pay do.

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Combating the ‘loneliness epidemic’ with coffee and chat
Financial Times

March 01, 2019

“Longevity is everyone’s business,” says David Sinclair, director of the International Longevity Centre. “For too long, businesses in the UK have seen older consumers as unattractive. In a world with a growing number of older people, this is no longer sustainable.”

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How to futureproof your kids
The Telegraph

July 27, 2018

“Caloric restriction appears to have some effect on life expectancy – but it's a pretty dismal life,” says David Sinclair, Director of the International Longevity Centre

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ILC-UK and Just Group launch 'Innovating for Ageing' project with FCA support
What Investment

January 17, 2018

David Sinclair, the director of ILC-UK, said he is keen to talk to individuals and organisations who themselves are keen to participate in the Innovating for Ageing initiative.He said, “Our ageing society is a driver for increasing levels of vulnerability – more people with dementia, with sight and hearing loss, and multiple long-term health conditions, for example.

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The ‘unretired’: coming back to work in droves
Financial Times

December 03, 2017

A report published this week by Business in the Community urged employers to do more to train older workers and prepare them for the digital economy. David Sinclair, director of the International Longevity Centre UK, has said the stereotype about older workers is that they are reliable: “It feeds an image that they are safe and steady, when in fact people innovate across their entire lives.”

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University of Hull : British Politics and Legislative Studies

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