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Dr. Louis Thériault

Vice-President, Public Policy

Dr. Thériault specializes in product development, economic analysis, health economics, international trade and investment.

Languages : English, French


Louis Thériault is the Vice-President, Public Policy for the Conference Board of Canada. Louis joined the Conference Board of Canada in 1997, where he specializes in product development and economic analysis. He is currently responsible for research and networks in the areas of national security and public safety, health (including Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care), energy, environment and transportation policy and the Centre for the North. Formerly, Louis was the Executive Director, Economic Initiatives, responsible for all aspects of the Board's many research programs including the Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care, Canadian Tourism Research Institute, Global Commerce Centre and the research liaison for the new Institut du Québec.Since joining the Conference Board, Louis has launched several initiatives. He was first responsible for the Metropolitan Outlook Service including a quarterly economic forecast for large Canadian urban centres. In 2003, he launched the Canadian Industrial Outlook Service providing economic and financial trends for large industries. Louis was also director of the International Trade and Investment Center, which offers Canadian business leaders and policy-makers research related to the implications of ongoing restructuring of global production. More recently, he led the Board's health economics group providing forward-looking, quantitative analysis of the sustainability of the Canadian health-care system.In addition, Louis is a speaker and a media spokesperson on topics related to health economics, international trade and investment and the Canadian economy.


The trouble with oil predictions

January 12, 2016

Louis Theriault of the Conference Board of Canada on trying to predict oil prices for 2016

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Depression, anxiety cost Canadian economy billions, Conference Board says
CBC News

September 01, 2016

Louis Thériault, vice-president of public policy at the Conference Board, said a large proportion of working Canadians have unmet mental health needs that prevent from performing at their peak.The prevalence of depression varies enormously by industry, with the accommodation, food services and retail trade sectors topping the list, Thériault said.

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Canada could do more to protect its natural landscape, say experts
News 1130

April 21, 2016

Canada has been given a ‘D’ grade by the Conference Board of Canada, ranking 14th out of 16 nations on climate change, air pollution, and freshwater management. Only the US and Australia fare worse.Our premier often touts our environmental performance here in BC, but the report finds there are improvements to be made here as well.“BC compared to other provinces ranked third, after Ontario and Quebec. The comparison also includes 15 countries, and when you compare with the rest of the world, BC ends up with a ‘C’ on a scorecard,” says Louis Theriault, Vice-President of Public Policy with the Conference Board of Canada.

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Here's why the census requires more questions about seniors in long-term care
Ottawa Citizen

July 10, 2016

Some seniors who live in “collective” dwellings such as retirement homes and nursing homes were incensed last month after they learned Statistics Canada used administrative records to get basic census information about them to “reduce the burden on Canadians.”

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Trudeau brings Canada's poor climate grade into UN Paris signing ceremony
CTV News

April 21, 2016

A new report from the Conference Board of Canada released Thursday ranks Canada 14th among 16 peer countries when it comes to environmental performance, with only the United States and Australia doing worse.

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Moving Ahead: The Economic Impact of Reducing Physical Inactivity and Sedentary Behaviour
Alberta Centre for Active Living

2015Physical activity guidelines indicate that Canadian adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, 2011). Yet, a national survey that measured physical activity found that only 15 per cent of Canadians meet these guidelines (Statistics Canada, 2013). Even more troubling is the excessive amount of sitting; the same study found that Canadians spend about 10 waking hours every day sitting at their desks, televisions, computers or other devices, or being otherwise sedentary.

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Reducing the Health Care and Societal Costs of Disease: The Role of Pharmaceuticals
The Conference Board of Canada

2013The report finds that the added costs associated with pharmaceutical innovation were offset by reductions in health care resources and productivity losses associated with disease. In particular, the $1.22 billion spent on six classes of pharmaceutical drugs in 2012 generated offsetting health and societal benefits of nearly $2.44 billion.

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Energy intensity in the manufacturing sector: Canadian and international perspective
Energy Policy

1997This paper examines the causes of the differences in the average energy intensity for the manufacturing sector for ten countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

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