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Dr. Mine Durusu-Tanriover

Professor of Internal Medicine

Author of more than 40 peer-reviewed articles, Dr. Durusu-Tanriover's research area mainly consists of acute care and adult vaccination

Languages : English, Turkish


Dr. Mine Durusu Tanriover is a full professor of internal medicine in Hacettepe University School of Medicine (Ankara, Turkey). She is currently leading the Quality Office of the Hacettepe University Hospitals, a Joint Commission International accredited, 1200-bed academic medical center. She served as the consultant of the Acute Care Unit for several years, mainly admitting elderly patients with acute decompensation of chronic diseases; lower respiratory tract infections, organ failure and acute, undiagnosed conditions. She is the author of more than 40 peer-reviewed articles. Her research area mainly consists of adult vaccination, quality improvement and acute care. She has been involved in the Global Influenza Hospital Surveillance Network project as an investigator and site coordinator for the last five years and many other local projects related to acute diseases and adult vaccination. Representing the Turkish Society of Internal Medicine, she is involved in the National Adult Immunization Guideline Task Force. As a board member of Vaccine Institute of Hacettepe University and as the quality coordinator of Hacettepe University Hospitals, she’s been involved in strategic issues about vaccinating healthcare workers and improving the concept of ‘lifelong vaccination’. She is the founder and the first chair of the Young Internists Working Group and honorary fellow of the European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM). She is a member of the Quality and Professional Issues and the Adult Vaccination (ADVICE) Working Groups of EFIM. She is the Secretary of the Middle East, Eurasia And Africa Influenza Stakeholders Network. She’s married with two children.


The Working Group on Professional Issues and Quality of Care, European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM). Hospital ambulatory medicine: A leading strategy for Internal Medicine in Europe
European Journal of Internal Medicine

2018Addressing the current collision course between growing healthcare demands, rising costs and limited resources is an extremely complex challenge for most healthcare systems worldwide. Given the consensus that this critical reality is unsustainable from staff, consumer, and financial perspectives, our aim was to describe the official position and approach of the Working Group on Professional Issues and Quality of Care of the European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM), for encouraging internists to lead a thorough reengineering of hospital operational procedures by the implementation of innovative hospital ambulatory care strategies.

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Poor outcomes among elderly patients hospitalized for influenza-like illness
Curr. Med. Res. Opin.

2017Global Influenza Hospital Surveillance Network is a worldwide initiative that aims to document the burden of influenza infections among acute admissions and vaccine effectiveness in particular countries.

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Vaccinating healthcare workers: Level of implementation, barriers and proposal for evidence-based policies in Turkey
Hum. Vaccin. Immunother.

2017The role of healthcare workers in life-long vaccination is very important in the means of 2 sided infection, rising patient awareness and being a role model for the patients. Numerous organizations publish guidelines for vaccination of HCWs, while healthcare facilities develop vaccination policies according to the accreditation standards. Nevertheless, vaccination rates among HCWs are far below targets.

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Perceptions and Attitudes of Patients About Adult Vaccination and Their Vaccination Status: Still a Long Way to Go?
Med. Sci. Monit.

2017Immunization is one of the most effective public health measures to prevent disease, but vaccination rates in adult populations still remain below the targets. Patient and physician attitudes about vaccination are important for adult vaccination. In this study, we aimed to determine patient attitudes and perceptions about vaccination and the vaccination coverage rates of adult patients in a university hospital in Turkey.

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ADVICE for a healthier life: Adult Vaccination Campaign in Europe
Eur. J. Intern. Med.

2016Immunization is one of the most effective public health measures to prevent disease. Despite relatively good vaccination rates in childhood in many parts of the world, vaccines to prevent diseases are underused in the adult population and adult vaccination rates are still far below the target.

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Severe measles pneumonia in adults with respiratory failure: role of ribavirin and high dose vitamin A
Clin. Respir. J.

2016Although measles is usually considered a benign viral disease of childhood, adults may be affected at any age and may experience severe respiratory or neurologic consequences. We present three adult cases (one of whom was pregnant) admitted to our University Hospital who were diagnosed to have measles and who had uncommon clinical features such as hepatitis and hyponatremia.

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Influenza epidemiology and influenza vaccine effectiveness during the 2014–2015 season: annual report from the Global Influenza Hospital Surveillance Network
BMC Public Health

2016The Global Influenza Hospital Surveillance Network (GIHSN) has established a prospective, active surveillance, hospital-based epidemiological study to collect epidemiological and virological data for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres over several consecutive seasons.

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Area of Expertise

Acute Care

Adult Vaccination

Care Continuum

Chronic Diseases

Healthy Ageing

Internal Medicine

Patient Safety

Quality Improvement

Region: Europe



Vaccines 4 Life Program


Hacettepe University Hospital : Medical Profession Education Committee Member

Hacettepe University Hospital : Patient Safety Committee Member

Professor of Internal Medicine, Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine

Co-director, Hacettepe University Oncology Hospital

Quality Coordinator, Hacettepe University Hospitals

Board Member, Hacettepe University Vaccine Institute

Member, European Federation of Internal Medicine, Professional Issues and Quality of Care Working Group

Member, European Federation of Internal Medicine, Adult Vaccination Campaign in Europe Working Group

Secretary, Middle East, Eurasia And Africa Influenza Stakeholders Network





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