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Dr. Stefan Zimmer

Secretary General

Dr. Stefan Zimmer is an expert in the hearing sector, focusing on hearing healthcare, hearing technology and hearing loss prevention.

Languages : German, English, Spanish


As Secretary General of EHIMA, Stefan is an internationally respected speaker and consultant on hearing, health and social security related matters. Stefan is the Secretary General of EHIMA, the European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers’ Association, comprising the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing instruments with a global market share of over 90%. Driving innovation in hearing technology, EHIMA closely collaborates with global partners like the Bluetooth Special Interest Group to develop and disseminate life changing technology for people with hearing loss. As Vice Chairman of, the world’s biggest multili ngual online-resource on hearing, Stefan drives the industry's global awareness raising and patient information campaigns. He is constantly expanding EHIMA’s multi-country surveys on hearing loss, hearing health and consumer experiences with hearing instruments (Trak-Surveys), the results of which can be found on Representing the international hearing industry in the World Hearing Forum, Stefan closely collaborates with the WHO and other international governmental and non-governmental organizations. Stefan is also Chairman of the Board of the German Hearing Industry Association ( and Vice President of the German Brain Injury Foundation ( Stefan studied economics, political science and sociology in Munich/Germany and at the University of Texas at Austin/USA. He holds a doctorate degree in political science from the University of the German Federal Armed Forces. He served in the German Air Force for eight years as a commissioned officer, before working as head of international relations in the German social security scheme and as an international advisor for social security reforms. He entered the hearing industry in 2015 following a three-year term as CEO of a Chamber of Commerce for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Bluetooth connectivity opens up possibilities
Audiologie Demain

May 25, 2021

We live in an “always on the go” world, where the ability to connect to technology is a critical component. But what are the real benefits of wireless connectivity for hearing aid and implant users? This Audiology Demain file goes into this subject in depth and gives you the testimonials of experts in this field.

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Stefan Zimmer to take over from Søren Hougaard as Secretary General of EHIMA
Audiology Worldnews

July 12, 2017

As of August 1, 2017, Dr Stefan Zimmer will take over from Søren Hougaard as Secretary General of the European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (EHIMA)...

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When the TV keeps the whole house entertained
NWZ Online

April 18, 2020

This also manifests itself in the household - sometimes to the chagrin of others. For example, the telephone or the doorbell are overheard and the television and radio are turned up, adds Stefan Zimmer , Chairman of the Federal Association of the Hearing Aid Industry (BVHI)...

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More and more people are wearing hearing aids
Deutsches Arzteblatt

April 12, 2019

"Hearing aids help reduce the health risks of people with hearing loss and improve their quality of life," said BVHI CEO Stefan Zimmer. Since more and more people are recognizing this, the proportion of unmet hearing loss is falling.

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Hearing - quality of life in the pandemic

2021“Can you hear me?“, “You are still muted”, “OK now?”, “Yes, turn on the camera now”, etc. etc.…. Probably everyone knows these sentences or perhaps said them himself during a video conference, because video conferences have become the “new normal” in times of Corona. Our guest author Dr. Stefan Zimmer , CEO of the Federal Association of the Hearing Systems Industry (BVHI), therefore dedicates this article to the importance of good hearing.

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Advances in technology must go hand in hand with person-centered care
Audiologie Demain

2020The delivery of hearing care in the near future will be modified by, among others, telehealth, wearable technologies, self-diagnosis and self-treatment applications, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. Another area that will have an important role is genetics. It is not difficult to imagine that one day genetic profiling could determine the risk of developing various forms of hearing loss.

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World Hearing Forum

World Health Organization

International Social Security Association


Bundeswehr University Munich : Philosophy

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