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Dr. Jane Barratt

Secretary General

As Secretary General of the IFA Dr Barratt is an internationaly respected speaker on age related issues across the globe.


Jane Barratt is the Secretary General of the International Federation on Ageing comprising government and non government members in 62 countries and representing some 50 million older people. She brings to this position over 35 years experience in both public and private sectors in the fields of public health, community and aged care, and ageing and disability. Dr Barratt has strived to strengthen the roles and relationships between government, NGOs, academia and the private sector in order to help shape and influence policy to improve the quality of life of older people. She is a strong contributor to the international dialogue on the intersection of social, cultural and physical environments that impact on the lives of older people.Dr Barratt is a Churchill Fellow, representative of the IFA at the United Nations Economic and Social Council and directly responsible for the formal relations with the Ageing and Life Course Department, World Health Organization. She holds adjunct academic positions, executive positions on ministerial, government and non-government committees and the corporate sectors internationally and has many years experience in organizational management, staff development and the analysis of operations leading to improvements in policies, programs and client outcomes in the areas of health, ageing and disability.


How to change attitudes around ageism
The Weekly Times

October 16, 2018

Secretary-General of the International Federation on Ageing, Dr Jane Barratt, puts it like this: “We have this misconception that all older people are frail and vulnerable or that they belong to senior citizens clubs....

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West Aussie heads up International Federation on Ageing
Have-A-Go News

December 10, 2018

NOT many West Australian are in charge of major international organisations, but there is one exception. Dr Jane Barratt has been Secretary General of the Toronto (Canada) based International Federation of Ageing (IFA) for 15 years.Dr Barratt graduated from the University of WA and completed her PhD at Curtin University as well as a Masters’ degree from a UK Univer-sity and set out on a career in aged care and disability.

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Everyone Benefits from an Age-Friendly Environment
Personal Health News

June 10, 2019

Self authoredIncreased life expectancy is to be celebrated, but only when individuals have the optimal opportunity to live in relatively good health and with a high quality of life. By the year 2050, the number of people aged 60 years and over is projected to be at least 2.1 billion, up from 900 million in 2015. It’s vital to plan for a world where all citizens can experience “healthy ageing” and be enabled to do whatever it is they want to do.The World Health Organization (WHO) Global Network for Age-Friendly Cities and Communities (GNAFCC) has nearly 900 members from over 39 countries. This growing organization has the power to shape and influence age-related policy by putting initiatives into practice for citizens of all ages. Emerging and established leaders of age-friendly communities have recently had the opportunity to further develop their skills through the pilot Age-friendly Environments Mentorship Programme, MENTOR-AFE. Existing experts share their knowledge and experience to develop mentees’ skills to lead, influence, and implement age-friendly environments, and, in doing so, reinforce their own leadership and expertise.The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) is driving the agenda for the world’s aging population which is grounded on respecting and protecting the rights of older people. Adaptations and innovations in the housing sector, urban planning, transportation, community hubs, and health services, as well as civic participation, should be core to a community for all ages.

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