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Prof. Leocadio Rodriguez Mañas

Head of the Service of Geriatrics

Expertise in frailty(epidemiology, clinical, biological features), organizations of health care systems, diabetes, and vascular diseases


Professor Mañas is the Head of the Department of Geriatrics at Hospital Universitario de Getafe (Madrid), President of the Research Committee at Hospital Universitario de Getafe and Professor "ad honorem" of the Department of Medicine of the School of Medicine, Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain.Professor Mañas holds many other key positions including coordinator of the Spanish Collaborative Research Network on Aging and Frailty - RETICEF (Ministry of Science and Innovation), co-director of the epidemiologic study “Toledo Study on Healthy Ageing” involving 2845 community-dwelling older people and founding member and President of the Academia Latinoamericana de Medicina del Adulto Mayor (ALMA).Professor Mañas is the principal investigator in 23 research projects sponsored by either a public agency or the pharmaceutical industry. His research focuses on the clinical investigation of human vascular (endothelial) ageing and on the mechanisms of vascular damage in diabetes. He has authored more than 110 original articles in peer-reviewed journals, and 54 books and book chapters. Professor Mañas has also produced Technical Reports on several aspects of ageing and on diabetes in the senior population.


Oxidative stress and vascular inflammation in aging
Free Radical Biology and Medicine

2013ABSTRACT: Vascular aging, a determinant factor for cardiovascular disease and health status in the elderly, is now viewed as a modifiable risk factor. Impaired endothelial vasodilation is a early hallmark of arterial aging that precedes the clinical manifestations of vascular ...

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Searching for an operational definition of frailty: A Delphi method based consensus statement. The Frailty Operative Definition-Consensus Conference Project
The Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences

2013METHODS: A modified Delphi process was used to attempt to achieve consensus definition. Experts were selected from different fields and organized into five Focus Groups. A questionnaire was developed and sent to experts in the area of frailty. Responses and ...

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European Diabetes Working Party for Older People 2011 clinical guidelines for type 2 diabetes mellitus. Executive summary
Diabetes & Metabolism

2011AIM: The Clinical Guidelines provide an opportunity to summarise the interpretation of relevant clinical trial evidence for older people with diabetes. They are intended to support clinical decisions in older people with diabetes and the primary focus is enhancing high ...

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Effectiveness of acute geriatric units on functional decline, living at home, and case fatality among older patients admitted to hospital for acute medical disorders: meta-analysis
The British Medical Journal

2009OBJECTIVE: To assess the effectiveness of acute geriatric units compared with conventional care units in adults aged 65 or more admitted to hospital for acute medical disorders...

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Endothelial dysfunction in aged humans is related with oxidative stress and vascular inflammation
Agine Cell

2009SUMMARY: Vascular endothelial dysfunction occurs during the human aging process, and it is considered as a crucial event in the development of many vasculopathies. We investigated the underlying mechanisms of this process, particularly those related with oxidative stress ...

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Area of Expertise



Health Systems

Physical exercise in older people


Spanish Collaborative Research Network on Ageing and Frailty : Coordinator

Toledo Study on Healthy Ageing : Co-Director

Academia Latinoamericana de Medicina del Adulto Mayor (ALMA) : Founding Member & President




Health and Wellness

Health Care - Facilities

Health Care - Services

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