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Sue Archbold, PhD, Hon LLD


With 40 years experience with deaf children and adults in practice, management and research, Sue advises globally on ear and hearing care.


Sue feels passionately that the huge impact of deafness and hearing loss, whether in childhood or adulthood, is not sufficiently recognised by the general public or health care decision makers. Today’s exciting hearing technologies, including cochlear implantation, can ameliorate the impact of hearing loss and improve lives for adults, and age should be no barrier to access to hearing assessments and services. Sue seeks to influence public policies on hearing care, publishing public policy reports now used worldwide and working with major international organisations, including WHO.Sue, a teacher of the deaf, co-ordinated Nottingham Cochlear Implant Programme from its inception in 1989 until 2004, developing a multidisciplinary team, establishing quality standards for CI programmes and demonstrating cost-effectiveness. As CEO of The Ear Foundation from 2008 to 2016, she led support, information, education and research programmes to ensure the maximum lifelong benefit from hearing technologies for all who need them.Sue has published widely in a range of journals, with over 70 peer reviewed papers, many further articles, reports and book chapters. She received her doctorate from Nijmegen University, cum laude, on Deaf Education and CI, and an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from Nottingham University for establishing cochlear implantation for children and adults.Sue lectures globally on deafness and hearing loss and its management in both children and adults, using qualitative research evidence to influence changes in policy and practice.


Prevalence of cochlear implants in Europe: trend between 2010 and 2016
Cochlear Implants International

To collect figures on the numbers of children and adults receiving cochlear implants across Europe, compare the figures for 2016 with those for 2010, and identify any trends.

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Perspectives of adults with cochlear implants on current CI services and daily life
Cochlear Implants International

This paper reports on a survey and interviews carried out with adults who have gone through the cochlear implantation pathway. It explores their experiences of current services, the assessment process for implantation, and the impact on their daily lives, including views and experiences on communication, independence and confidence. It also explores, in today's financially challenging climate, their awareness of current funding issues and the value of their implant to them.

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Cost implications for changing candidacy or access to service within a publicly funded healthcare system?
Cochlear Implants International

Undue attention in the allocation of healthcare resources can be given to expenditures as opposed to expenditures avoided. This can be particularly apparent when expenditures avoided fall across different budget holders and budgetary pressures are strained.

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Hearing loss and dementia: an exploratory study of the views of audiologists
Quality in Ageing and Older Adults

The purpose of this paper is to explore audiologists, views and experiences of working with older adults with dementia.

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Exploring views on current and future cochlear implant service delivery: the perspectives of users, parents and professionals at cochlear implant centres and in the community
Cochlear Implants International

The objective of this survey was to explore the perceptions of implant users/carers and professionals across the UK about current and future cochlear implant service delivery and the challenges.

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Area of Expertise


WHO: Working group on World Report on Hearing and its dissemination

European Symposium on Paediatric Cochlear Implantation: Founding Member and General Secretary

MOSAICS - Minimising Outcome Spread in Auditory Implants: Cognition and Society : Member of the External Advisory Board (EAB)

Cochlear Implant International Community of Action (CIICA): Coordinator

Nordic CI Adult Advocacy Group: Facilitator


University of Nottingham :

University of Nijmegen :

University of Nottingham :

University of Birmingham :

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