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Eye See You Program

EyeSeeYouEvery year, more than 50,000 Canadians will lose their sight. As we age, and diabetes and obesity continue to rise, the incidence of vision loss is expected to escalate by nearly 30% over the next decade. For many Canadians, vision loss is preventable if they are aware of the importance of regular comprehensive eye exams and maintaining vision health across the life course. Many age-related and other vision impairments are treatable but only if the appropriate treatments are available, accessible and delivered in a timely manner.

However, the authority of physicians and autonomy of patients to make decisions about the treatment for certain eye conditions (e.g. retinal diseases) is being restricted due to the increased bureaucratic mandates and cost pressures.

Since 2016, the Eye See You program has evolved to include multiple awareness and advocacy campaigns to promote the vision health of all Canadians by empowering physicians to choose the optimal treatment for retinal diseases based on scientific evidence and conversation with patients and ensuring that patients are better informed about the importance of regular eye screenings, the symptomatology of eye diseases, as well as the availability of effective treatment options, and receive the best therapy as a results.

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