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IFA/AARP Webinar Series


IFA Post-15th Global Conference on Ageing Thematic Discussions Among Experts

The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) aims to drive the world’s population agenda in alignment with the United Nations (UN) Decade of Healthy Ageing 2021-2030 (“the Decade”) and improve the experience of ageing through information sharing, education, and the opportunity for delegates to connect with colleagues across the globe.

Themes of the IFA’s 15th Global Conference on Ageing – ageism, primary and long-term care, age-friendly environments, and COVID-19 and older people – were purposefully aligned with Decade action areas in order to explore and expand progress being made.

In recognition of the exceptional calibre of content presented at the 15th Global Conference on Ageing in 2021 IFA in collaboration with AARP has developed a webinar series to build upon thematic areas, explore updates six months on, and create opportunities for further collaboration and innovation among global thought leaders.

Age-Friendly Environments | Embedding healthy ageing considerations within the built environment

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COVID-19 and Older People | Unpacking intersecting inequities affecting older women

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Primary and Long-term Care | Prioritizing prevention to maintain cognitive health in later life

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Ageism | Addressing structural ageism to unlock a longevity economy

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