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IFA Virtual Town Hall Chat Summary 12 June 2020

The following chat summary is from the IFA Virtual Town Hall on 12 June 2020 with Dr. Peggy Edwards, sharing on grandparenting in a pandemic.


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International Conventions and Advocacy

The following resources feature international initiatives towards establishing the convention:


Effects of COVID-19 on Grandparenting



  • Grandmothers can serve as gatekeepers or enablers of behaviour choices.
  • Tannistha Samanta: Of grandparents, memories and the pandemic
  • Coronavirus: 28,000 Virtual Volunteers “Adopt a Grandparent” to Help Carehome Residents During Lockdown
  • In Ireland, the types of initiatives matching grandparents with children is fraught with implications and issues around child protection. While there are informal arrangements of intergenerational support programs, the “Adopt a Grandparent” program was not formally adopted in Ireland.
  • In a 4-generation household where the patriarch of the family died from COVID-19, the spouse and other family members in the house are all grieving. The grandchild is now afraid to see the other grandparents (not in the house) because he is afraid he will spread the virus to them. Fortunately for technology they can communicate but the long term impact of the fear of spreading the virus by a grandchild to the grandparent may be of concern.
  • A number of adult children moved into their parents’ homes during the pandemic. Now as they return with the opening of society these adults are extremely fearful of bringing the virus back to their household.
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