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October 2009 IFA-FOIFA Conference on Ageing in Place and Age Friendly Cities, Akita, Japan

Throughout the world, older people overwhelmingly report their wish to grow older in their own homes and in the communities they are familiar with. The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) and the Friends of IFA in Japan (FOIFA) are therefore proud to sponsor an international meeting in Akita, Japan, that will highlight the two separated but related themes and movements that are gaining in popularity: Ageing in Place and Age Friendly communities.

Policies related to Ageing in Place and Age-friendly Commnities, a program conceived by the World Health Organization (WHO), who offer new promise to fulfilled the dreams of many people as they age: to remain in their own homes and in the communities they know, surrounded by their friends and families and supported by services and a physical environment that is appropriate to their needs and capacities.

IFA and FOIFA are proud to host NGOs, policy makers and practitioners interested in making our cities, towns and communities more responsive to the needs of older persons. The forum will provide valuable information about the aims and objective of these movements and how everyone can get involved.

We proudly welcome you to IFA’s and FOIFA’s first forum in Japan and to the city of Akita.

Hozumi Hisashi, President of Friends of IFA Japan (FOIFA)

Japan is next to Koreas with a low birth rate and an increase in the elderly population. In Japan, Akita is on the top list amoung the areas facing the challenges of a rapid increase in the ageing population. These challenges require great concern and immediate action to examine polices and practices as they relate to the increasing population ageing.

It is against this background that FOIFA, in partnership with IFA and in collaboration with several NGOs , has convened an International Forum on Ageing in Place and Age Friendly Cities. The forum will set a stage for many to share their experience and knowledge, as well as giving the Akita community an opportunity to better understand how to build a society where people can live a secure and independent life for as long as possible.

Plenary Panel 1: Day 1, October 9, 2009

The Important Challenges of Older Women will Create a New Society

Keiko Higuchi, Japan
President of WABAS

Age Friendly Communities in Akita

Tsukasa Toyushima, Japan
Director, Akita Government Office of Welfare & Health

Plenary Panel 2: Day 2, October 10,2009

The World Health Network of Age Friendly Cities

John Beard, Switzerland
Department of Ageing and Life Course, World Health Organization

Age Friendly Cities —From a Framework of a Broader Public Health Perspective

Yasuhiro Suzuki, Japan
Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare, Japan

Plenary Panel 3: Day 2, October 10,2009

Policies to Encourage Ageing in Place —China’s Experience

Chen Chuansu, China
China National Committee on Ageing, Beijing

Cybernics-based Solutions for the Ageing Society

Yoshiyuki Sankai, Japan
Tsukuba University, Cyberdyne, Japan

Plenary Panel 4: Day 3, October 11,2009

Evaluation of Morbidity Profile Amoung Community-Dwelling Elderly in India and Awareness Towards Usage of Assistive Devices

Alakananda Banerjee, India
Max Institute of Medical Excellence

Ageing in Place — Hong Kong at a Crossroad

Anita Wong, SAR, China
Network on Residential Service

Plenary Round Table 1: Day 2, October 10,2009

Redesigning Communities for Aged Society

Hiroko Akiyama, Japan
Institute of Gerontology, the University of Tokyo

Towards an Age Friendly Hong Kong, SAR, China

Grace Chan, Hong Kong, SAR, China
Chief Officer, Service Development(Elderly) HKCSS

Indicators for an Age Friendly Environment

John Cox, Canada
Acting Director, Public Health Agency of Canada

Measuring for Indicators of an Age Friendly Environment: AARP’s Approach to Liveable Communities and “Complete Street” Initiatives

Edward B. Johns
Associate Director of International Affairs / Livable Communities and Director of Asia Affairs at AARP

Plenary Round Table 2: Day 3, October 11,2009

Models for Financing Long-Term Care — The International Experience

Dalmer Hoskins, United States
Special Advisor to the US Social Security Administration (SSA)

Data, Tools and Methodological Approaches to Facilite the Study and Application of Gerontological Information Technology

James W. McNally, United States
National Archive of Computerized Data on Ageing

Ageing in Place: The Road Beyond

Graeme Bruce Prior, Australia
Hall and Prior Aged Care, Australia

Concurrent Session 1A-G1: Day 1, October 9,2009

Engaging the Community for Aged Care — The Hong Kong Perspective

Alfred Cheung-ming CHAN, Hong Kong, SAR, China
Asia Pacific Institute of Ageing Studies, Lingnan University
Also Vice Chair, Elderly Commission, HK

Ageing in Place in a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC)

Ms. Irene Hoskins, United States
President of the International Federation on Ageing (IFA)
Abstract Powerpoint

Ageing in Elder-Friendly Places —Achievable Goal

James T. Sykes, United States
University of Wisconsin’s Department of Population Health Sciences

Concurrent Session 1A-G2: Day 1, October 9,2009

Age Friendly Neighborhoods in Hong Kong and Korea

Eunju Hwang, Hong Kong, SAR, China
Simon Fraser University, Gerontology

Lifetime Neighbours or Retirement Villages

Joe Oldman, United Kingdom
Age Concern & Help the Aged

People Are All About Building a Livable Society

Chigua Sasao, Japan
coco laboratory

Partnership with the Community in Serving the Needy Elderly in a Remote Fishing Village — Experience of Caritas Lung Tin Home at Tai O

Eva Fung Yee Wong, Hong Kong, SAR, China
Caritas Hong Hong-Caritas Lung Tin Home

Concurrent Session 1B-G1: Day 1, October 9,2009

Use of the WHO Age Friendly Cities Guide and Checklist by Victorian Municipalities

Jan Bruce, Australia

Developing Age Friendly Communities — People, Process and Planning Progress in a New Zealand Beachside Community

Carol Gordon, New Zealand
C.G. Consulting

AFC Practical Experience of Shonai Health Cooperative, Yamagata, Japan

Hiromichi Matsumoto, Japan
Shonai Medical Cooperative

Ireland’s Age Friendly Community Program

Anne Connolly, Ireland
Ageing Well Network

Concurrent Session 1B-G2: Day 1, October 9,2009

Embedding Age-Friendliness in County Development — The First Case Study in Ireland

Rod Bond
Netwell Centre, Regional Development Centre

Application of  “Age Friendly Environment” in Hong Kong — Experience of Caritas Services for the Elderly

Shirley Tak Ka Chan, Hong Kong, SAR, China
The Hong Kong Council of Social Services (Caritas Hong Kong)

Age Friendly City — a Perspective from older people in Shanghai

Vivian W.Q. Lou, Hong Kong SAR, China
The University of Hong Kong, Department of Socal Work and Social Administration, Sau Po Centre on Ageing

Framework and Action Plan of AFC/AFPHC in Japan from Health Cooperative Point of View

Eisaku Yamada, Japan
Health Co-operative of JCCU

Concurrent Session 1C-G1: Day 1, October 9,2009

Assistive and Enabling Technology Needs of Elderly People in India — The Initiatives and Issues

Vikas C. Goyal, India
Department of Science and Technology

European Strategy in Information and Communications Technologies for Ageing Well

Peter Wintlev-Jensen, Belgium
European Commission

The CAPSIL Project — Creating a Requirements-Driven Strategy for ICT and Ageing Across Japan, the EU, and the US.

Benjamin Knapp, United Kingdom
Queen’s University

Concurrent Session 1C-G2: Day 1, October 9,2009

A Study of the Influence of Recreational Physical Environment on the Elder in China

Ching Li, China
Graduate Institute of Sports and Leisure Management, NTNU

Art Diversium — Art Bridges Society and Facility

Natsuka Okamoto, Japan
Arts Consulting Firm CO, LTD

Joining Music Activity to Increase Sense of Well Being among Senior Citizens (Case Studies of Senior Citizens)

Monti Prawiratirta Satiadarma, Indonesia
Tarumanagara University, Department of Psychology

Fostering Positive Images of Ageing in China — A Case Study in Wuhan

Bai Xue, Hong Kong, SAR, China
Department of Social Work and Social Administration, University of Hong Kong

Concurrent Session 2A: Day 2, October 10,2009

A Pilot Project — Home Safety Program to Facilitate Ageing in Place for Elderly Residing within the Local Housing Estates in Hong Kong

Kenneth Au-Yeung, Hong Kong, SAR, China
Hong Kong Housing Society Elderly Resources Centre

Activity of ‘ZERODATE’ and Young Persons in Ageing Society and Possibility of Regional Reproduction

Takuma Ishiyama, Japan
Project Leader, “ZERODATE” art project

Holistic and User-Friendly Fall Prevention at Community Level — A Case Illustration in District Elderly Community

Kam Lee Lam, Hong Kong, SAR, China
HKCSS, Evangelical Lutheran Church Hong Kong Social Service

Community-Oriented Care Services in Okinawa, Japan — from the Viewpoint of User, Family and Community

Atsushi Nishio, Japan
Okinawa University

No Fall Community — Fall Prevention Project

Katherine K.L. Wong, Hong Kong, SAR, China
The Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council

Palliative Care for the Ageing Group in China

Xi Zhang, China
Wuhan University

Concurrent Session 2B: Day 2, October 10,2009

About the Project of ‘Station of Health’ in Yokote City, Akita Prefecture

Hironori Ganpo
Yokote City Welfare Environment Division

Positive Ageing in Local Communities in Victoria, Australia

Sue Hendy, Australia
Council on Ageing Victoria

Showing a ‘Big Picture’ of What Other Countries are Doing — A Cross -cultural Study of Informal Care Policies Across Asia Pacific Countries

Miho Iwakuma, Japan
Kyoto University

Improvement Policies for the Ageing in Vietnam

Lan Nguyen Thi, Vietnam
Vietnam National Committee on Ageing

The Role of AGE-Platform in Promoting Ageing in the Community

Elizabeth Mestheneos, Greece
AGE — the European Older Person’s Platform

People Including Seniors — Friendly City Planning in Akita

Shohei Sakata, Japan
Urban Improvement Division, Akita City

Concurrent Session 2C: Day 2, October 10,2009

Ageing Well Among People

Jan Lorman, Czech Republic
Zivot 90 & IFA Director

Everything Needs Cooperation of the Local Residents

Sosumu Ochi, Japan
Chief Editorial Writer, Sakigakeshinpou

1) The Situation of an Elderly Person Living in Japan
2) The Emergency Medical Kit System in Minato-Ku

Takiko Okamoto, Japan
Meiji Gakuin University
Abstract 1Powerpoint 1Abstract_2Powerpoint 2

Ageing Grandparents vs. Social Work Services in Tehran — A Sociological Appraisal

Mohamed Taghi Sheyki, Iran
Al-Zagra University, Sociology, Department of Social Science

Potential Benefit of Senam Resiliensi to Enhance Seniors’ Resilience

Roswiyani P. Zahra, Indonesia
Tarumanagara University, Department of Psychology

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