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Age Discrimination Policy

What is age discrimination and why is it important?

What are the pieces of legislation in place?

Final Report: An Eight-Country Review of Age Discrimination Legislation
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Age Concern England is a major contributor to knowledge around age discrimination. It has been a policy area of particular interest since 2005, when Age Concern England convened a major International Symposium on age discrimination in London on behalf of the IFA. This symposium was a preliminary event to IFA’s 8th Global Conference held in Copenhagen in 2006. Age Concern England released five important reports responding to the outcomes of this symposium. These reports focused on the experience of age discrimination by region, as well as a full report on from the symposium. Please find these papers below:

International Symposium on Age Discrimination: Full Report

Age discrimination in Africa

Age discrimination in Asia

Age discrimination in Australasia

Age discrimination in Europe

Age discrimination in the United States

Through this policy project, the IFA is working with Age Concern England in developing information resources around this important area by contributing our international perspective. Both organizations are committed to working together to expand knowledge and stimulate debate on this important issue and how it impacts upon the lives of older people.

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