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Current and Emerging Issues Facing Older Canadians

A study identifying the five (5) current and emerging issues for older people in Canada with some comparatives from across the globe.

In March 2012 the IFA published a report on current and emerging issues facing older Canadian that aims to improve policy responses to critical age-related issues through the identification, investigation and analysis of specific country trends and responses that are applicable to the Canadian context and population trends. Ageing issues are complex and not only about seniors.

The notion of a life course perspective was introduced more than a decade ago yet is seeing resurgence in the context the labor market strategies, the work-life balance, the role of family caring and being active and connected as we age. In the study of current and future issues facing older Canadians, all levels of governments, industry and the non-governmental sectors revealed not only layers of a discreet subject (such as an ageing workforce) but more importantly the interrelationships among the issues and the interconnectedness between the issues.

Not surprisingly the issues of ageing in place and support to caregivers were rated as the highest priority. On behalf of the IFA our thanks to members and contributors to this important study.

Current and Emerging Issues Facing Older Canadians
Published March 2012

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