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Luana Colnago

Luana ColnagoLuana joined the IFA team in 2022.
She has a BA in Communication Studies (Publicity and Advertising) from FAESA University in Brazil, and a diploma in Media Communication from Humber College, Canada, where she graduated with honours.

Luana comes from Brazil, having extensive experience in the communication industry as a result of her work for digital advertising agencies, TV channels, and video and audio productions, not to mention her exposure to the fashion business derived from a BA in Fashion Design. Photography has been a passion of hers that became a career alongside her communication roles in the market.

She has always longed for the experience of living in another country. Canada allowed her to make this dream come true, on top of enabling her to become a more qualified professional.

In her personal life, Luana is all about playing board games with friends, travelling, arts and crafts, spending quality time with Pipa and Kevin – her dog and cat – and watching a good movie/series.



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