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Dr. Jacqueline Stark, Vienna

Dr Jacqueline Stark is the Chair of the NGO Committee on Ageing to the United Nations in Vienna and Austrian Representative of the International Federation on Ageing to the UN in Vienna.
Formerly she was Senior Researcher on aphasiology for the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Neuropsycholinguistic Unit for over 43 years (until May 2017). Her neuropsycholinguistic research focused on long term documentation of language performance in recovery from aphasia, language assessment and language remediation. She founded and heads a self-help group for persons with aphasia (PWA) in Vienna: ‘Aphasia-Club’.

She is the developer of the ‘Everyday Life Activities Photo Series’ (ELA®) which is an extensive collection of images depicting every life for language testing and language therapy. Dr Stark is currently developing three computer programs for enhancing verbal communicative skills in PWA, healthy older adults, persons with mild cognitive impairment and forms of dementia, as well as children with language deficits: ELA® Language Modules, ELA®Basic Vocabulary and ELA® Virtual House.

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