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“Making Communities Work for the Most Vulnerable” WHO/IFA Webinar

The latest WHO / IFA webinar, “Making communities work for the most vulnerable: What can age-friendly learn from the dementia-friendly movement?” was presented by Ms. Natalie Turner (Centre for Ageing Better, UK) on July 12, 2017. The webinar, third in a series of webinars on age-friendly environments (AFE), received very positive feedback, with participants sharing that they found the webinar to be valuable, informative, and timely.

This webinar underscored both similarities and differences between dementia-friendly and age-friendly movements, and discussed the varying ways in which these two approaches can work together.

Webinar attendees also posed many insightful questions, for example:

Do you recommend a particular approach for communities just learning about both movements, to help avoid them being overwhelmed by multiple frameworks/resources?

The recording for this webinar can be found by clicking here, and handouts for the webinar can be found here.

This series of webinars is a part of the IFA’s ongoing commitment to exchanging information and knowledge on age-friendly environments. The IFA continues to develop additional age-friendly initiatives such as:

  • An IFA age-friendly e-newsletter with a Q & A forum (building on the questions which are asked during the webinars);
  • Encouraging contributions of good practice, lessons learned and solutions to barriers for the newsletter;
  • Additional webinars, including the 4th WHO / IFA Webinar on innovation in age-friendly environments to be held in August 2017 (More information to follow).

To be part of ongoing developments in the IFA’s work on age-friendly, and to receive and make contributions to the upcoming age-friendly newsletter, register interest here or contact Jessica Rochman-Fowler (

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