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Age-friendly Environments at the IFA 14th Global Conference on Ageing

Recently, the IFA conducted a survey to assess topics of interest to age-friendly experts and enthusiasts at the 14th Global Conference on Ageing, and to begin to shape the age-friendly programme in accordance with these interests. Sixty-five organizations from across the globe participated in this survey, a third of who were planning to attend the Conference from the outset.

The results showed that the majority of organizations are interested in learning about 1) core indicators of age-friendliness, 2) technological innovation in age-friendly cities, and 3) urban development in age-friendly cities. The survey was also beneficial because it gave organizations the opportunity to assert their own interests with the aim of shaping this theme of the conference programme.

Participant organizations also had the opportunity to suggest methods of knowledge mobilization and action during and after the Conference. Suggestions for knowledge mobilization included networking, sharing best practices, hosting panel discussions, and creating an age-friendly call-to-action. Post-conference recommendations include live-streaming age-friendly events for those who are unable to attend, and providing the names of delegates to facilitate increased connection post-conference within the age-friendly community.
The IFA greatly appreciates the participation of valued age-friendly organizations, experts and enthusiasts in informing the age-friendly theme at the 14th Global Conference to the benefit of the community at large. As such, this survey remains open, and further responses are encouraged. The survey can be found by clicking here.

Additional age-friendly initatives are also providing opportunities for connection pre-conference. This includes the WHO/IFA 2017 webinar series, which kicked off in February. The third webinar entitled ‘Making communities work for the most vulnerable: What can age-friendly learn from the dementia-friendly movement?’ is happening Wednesday 12 July at 1pm British Summer Time. To register, click here.

Additional questions regarding the IFA’s work on age-friendly environments can be directed to

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